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Conference 2013

23rd World Congress of Philosophy
Athens, Greece, 4-10 Aug 2013

The ISVI will hold sessions at the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy in Athens, Greece 4-10 August 2013. The theme of the ISVI sessions is “Global Dialogue on Challenges of Value Inquiry.”  

The ISVI has a long history meeting with the World Congress of Philosophy since it began in 1988 when it held sessions at the 18th WCP in Brighton, England. We look forward to having another successful set of sessions.

Pre-WCP/ISVI Conference
Athens, Greece, 1-2 August 2013

New Frontiers of Philosophical Value


Jiang Chang
Ma Junfeng
Feng Ping
Chen Xinhan
Zhou Hongyan
Li Jian Ling
Sun Weiping
Gong Qun
Guo Zhan
Tang Zhilong
Dai Maotang
Liu Jintian
Feng Qun
Gao Letian
Chen Daode
G. John M. Abbarno
Pio Colonnello
Lydia Amir
Thomas Magnell